Unless you live in a home that you only built in the past 5-10 years, chances are that you know very little about the status of the plumbing system. Sure, you know it is working, and perhaps know about some of its parts or perhaps its age (thanks to the home inspection), the likelihood is high that you know very little about the status of your home’s water system. However, if you are beginning to think that it might be time to do some minor upgrades or perhaps a system overhaul, then it will be helpful to understand what elements are strong indicators that a new plumbing system is of benefit.

Telltale Signs a New Plumbing System is Needed

No one of like home catastrophe-based surprises, so before you find yourself dealing with busted pipes or a backup, here are some signs to let you know changes need to be made.

  • Water Color – If your normally clear water begins to have red or rust colored tint that it is a good chance that your pipes are older and have begun to corrode – hence the rust colored water. If this is ignored, the pipes will eventually burst and you will find yourself dealing with much more than installing new pipes. The deterioration of the pipes can also be indicated by a foul or sour smell due to rust or even mold.
  • Pipe Color – Look under your home and check out the material your pipes are made from Older homes often lead, galvanized steel or even cast iron. More modern homes have brass, copper, or PVC. If you notice any of the former materials, it is important to have a plumber come check them out for stability and to determine how much “life” they have left. It should be noted, however, that PVC has a shorter lifespan than the others (20-25 years) so while newer, it doesn’t necessarily mean longer lasting!
  • Exposed Pipes – In homes that are more than 60 years old, chances are high that somewhere in your home is an exposed pipe (or two). Take a few minutes to examine these pipes and note condition. If they are showing signs of wear and age, consider having a professional plumbing team inspect the rest of the system.
  • Water Pressure – Low water pressure is solid hint that your pipes may be in need of repair or replacement. It can also simply be time to have a snake or pipe cleaner used on the drains to remove any clogs or backups. Just this simple act can go a long way towards extending the life of your home’s plumbing.

You don’t have to be surprised by faulty plumbing. Talk to a local plumber and address any concerns before they become problems. You will be glad you did!