According to a study in 2016 by the Beverage Marketing group, it was found that water consumption in the U.S. grew by 120% between 2000 and 2015 while the consumption of carbonated drinks dropped 16% during the same timeframe. Definitely proof positive that people are drinking more water.

However, there are more decisions than ever before when it comes to choosing a type of water to drink. Now, it no longer a choice between tap water or basic bottled water. Today’s consumers must choose between tap, distilled, spring water, and others. If you opt for tap water rather than purchased bottle water, then, you also have to determine what type of purification system to have installed. And while there are several different types, the one most frequently disparaged is that of reverse osmosis.

Reverse osmosis is the water purification process that forces water through special membranes to remove foreign contaminants, solid substances, large molecules and minerals so that the water is cleaner and safer for cooking, drinking and other household activities. Some of the elements frequently removed via reverse osmosis are lead, arsenic, cooper, nitrates and nitrites, chromium, selenium, fluoride, radium, barium, total dissolved solids and cryptosporidium.

So, why should you opt to have a reverse osmosis (RO) system installed at your home or workplace? Here are but a few reasons –

  • No need to buy expensive bottled water. Americans are spending $15 billion a year on bottled water. With an onsite RO system, you can quit buying bottled water.
  • Water that goes through RO is better for cooking because it does not taint the flavor or color of the food.
  • Do you have an ice maker or use ice cube trays? If so then you will love how clear and pretty the RO water does. No cloudiness in your iced drinks, just clear ice cubes. Better yet, did you know that cloudy ice cubes melt faster? This means that ARO ice will last longer and not adapt the flavor of the drink.
  • RO water is safe for cancer patients. After going through radiation or therapy, the best water for cancer patients is RO water because they a lower immune system.
  • Compared to other water purification systems, RO uses less energy to achieve the results.
  • A reverse osmosis system can be installed in virtually any space in a home or workplace. Better yet, it can be easily expanded should you decide to gradually implement the system.
  • RO uses 7 different stages of purification, and you get to choose how many stages you want and customize the unit to your needs.
  • There is minimal maintenance required for the RO unit.

Reverse osmosis is a practical way to ensure you always have great tasting water. If you are tired of chemical filled tap water, or buying bottles water then talk to a local water purification company and learn what you need to do to make crystal clear, healthy water a daily part of your life.