The following are just 4 benefits of using a whole house water softener:

1. Reduces Expenses

Soft water does not contain mineral ions that cause scale buildup in pipes and water using appliances, allowing people to avoid costly repair bills. When minerals buildup in a pipe, the area where the water flows through becomes narrow so this will require a higher pump pressure. Also, it will require more energy to make water hot or cold. The buildup also causes appliances to be less efficient so this means more expenses on the repair/replacement of a coffee machine, dishwasher, ice maker, laundry machine, and water heater.

2. Brighter and softer clothes

Using a water softener will prevent the damaging effects of hard water on clothes, make them softer to touch and preserve the way it looks and feels.

Brighter clothes: When people wash their clothes with hard water that has minerals in it, it will leave deposits. These minerals will make the colors fade. Some may even cause stains or discoloration. So, it is best to choose soft water. As a matter of fact, some place salt in their colored clothes to prevent bleeding, which is not needed for a soft water system and sodium exchange usage.

Cleaner clothes: It is easier for soft water to dissolve into clothes, making it clean them more efficiently. When washing clothes with hard water, they are washed in minerals, which leave deposits in them. Over time, colors start to fade and whites become discolored. Since soft water dissolves soap more efficiently, less detergent is used so fabric softeners are no longer needed.

3. Cleaner Dishes

When people live in an area that uses hard water, it is hard to maintain clean dishes. Whether they clean it for several times or use some particular soap or detergent for washing, there is a cloudy appearance left when their glass and silverware becomes dry. Water softeners repair the problem at its root, eliminating the minerals before they can accumulate on dishes. Since soft water completely fuses with soap and detergent, more lather is produced and so, there is more cleaning action in the dishwashing routine.

4. Less time cleaning

If people stay in a home that uses hard water, cleaning can consume a lot of time. They will always rewash dishes and laundry. They can waste a lot of time scrubbing soap scum and chalky lime from the faucets, sinks and walls of their showers. Water softener prevents hard water’s negative effects as well as dissolves soap easily resulting to less scum/curd buildup in the bathroom. This regularly saves time spent on cleaning.