The world is facing climate change and rising pollution levels. Air pollution has become a menace, causing respiratory diseases in children and the elderly in most of the major cities of the world. The city structure and organization have left no way for fresh air to enter the city. People living in some of the world’s busiest cities have to breathe the constantly polluted air all the time. Breathing quality air at homes is essential for people living in cities. The children and the elderly who stay home often are sensitive to air pollution and are vulnerable to diseases such as asthma. Plants and gardens help improve the quality of air at homes, but in the increasing apartment culture, it is not possible to have a garden. So the other easiest and better alternative is to opt for air purifiers.

Large number of features

Air purifiers are advanced and sophisticated enough to come with wifi connectivity, extreme portability, and compact sizes. They have AQI sensors to give you the air quality data of your house constantly. Some of them have fine dust removal technologies, while others have humidification technologies. If you live in a closed space with minimal ventilation, you can use the VOC technology to control the amount of volatile organic compounds in your house. Hepa technology is the highest end currently available in the market. The technological advancement is what makes air purifiers a viable option substitute gardens at homes.

The color represents the AQI of the air.

  • 0-50 – Green
  • 51-100 – Yellow
  • 101-150 – Orange
  • 151- 200 – Red
  • 201-300 – Purple
  • 300+ – Maroon

Benefits of air purifiers

Air purifiers have a lot of benefits. They remove the particulate dust that causes respiratory inflammation and breathing difficulty at homes. They purify the air, averting a major pulmonary health crisis. They can remove the cigarette smoke. They improve the air in closed spaces with the help of VOC technology. They are portable. You can carry your desktop air filter with you to work and even on tours. They provide a good breathing environment inside your house, negating the city pollution by a significant percentage.

Types of purifiers

They come in many types such as smart purifiers (wifi connectivity), PM1.0 (filters fine dust), PM 2.5 (filters smoking dust), TVOC air purifiers (that clear the organic compounds), small purifiers (used for filtering dust), HEPA – high-efficiency particulate air filter, Negative ion (ionizes the air to sterilize and disinfect it) and Humidifier air filter (humidifies the air to prevent skin irritation due of less humidity). They all have common air filtering properties with specialization in one or the other segment. Olansi offers water and hydrogen water purifiers along with air purifiers.