If you want to ensure that your indoor air remains clean and healthy, make sure you know how to go about cleaning your air purifier filters. So, before you get started, we suggest that you follow this simple guide. This guide will provide you with some necessary steps for cleaning your air purifier. Read on to find out more.

1: Unplug the Unit

Before you get started, we suggest that you unplug your air purifier. This step is vital if you want to be safe against electric shocks. After all, safety must be a top priority when it comes to working with electrical appliances. You just can’t put your life at risk. So, make sure you disconnect the power supply before getting started.

2: Clean the Vents

Since air purifiers are used for several hours on a daily basis, their internal vents continue to accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, and other particles. Therefore, you may want to use a soft brush for cleaning these events.

If you take off the front grill, you will expose all of the dust that needs to be cleaned. Now, you can use water and worm soap for washing this piece of plastic.

3: Get Access to the Filter

Don’t forget to check your owner’s manual before you clean your HEPA air purifier. All you need to do is remove the front grill to get access to the filter. Typically, this is quite easy and takes a few seconds. So, there is nothing to worry about if you want to access the filter.

4: Find out if you have Disposable or Washable Filters

If you are using disposable filters, make sure you throw them away after each use. It is not a good idea to reuse these units. Reading the manual is of paramount importance if you are looking for the safest method for cleaning the filters.

However, if you are sure that the filters are washable, you should remove them from the unit and wash them under hot water. At times, you can also use soapy water for cleaning the filter material. The idea is to remove dust and bacteria. So, you can also scrub the filters before you put them back in the unit.

The condition of the filter depends upon the quality of air in your house. If the filter is installed in an area where there is a lot of dust, the filters will be darker. Therefore, you will need to get them cleaned more often.

5: Replace your Filter and the Grill

After you have cleaned the filters, you can put them back in the system and replace the grill.

6: Wipe down the Exterior

Finally, use a damp piece of clothing for wiping down the exterior of the unit. That’s it. Your air purifier is properly functioning once again.

Long story short, we suggest that you follow these six steps if you want to clean your air purifier and make it work again.