Traditions run eternally and hardwood floors create a stunning home scenario. Real estate agents confirm that homes with such floors fetch higher prices. If the realities are considered, hardwood floors suffer drawbacks, fragile and susceptible to damage. Simply install wood-look tiles hassle free, thanks to printing technology!

Those sustaining porcelain tiles are easily maintained. With inkjet printing wood appearances so convincingly, you have that beloved wood surrounding. A variety of shades and patterns allow esthetic choices. Light or very dark, take the choices of mahogany, maple, pine. Barn wood imitations may attract some people with depictions of white paint and saw marks. Besides the six examples, use the online floor visualizer tool to get real and close regarding flooring plans.

Botanica Cashew

The wood-look tile is similar to hardwood floors for laying designs such as herringbone. This amazing tile expresses wood grain in a rich brown shade, available in planks of 6″x24″ and 6″x36.” Cut them up and install them in creative designs. Once set up, there is little to worry about and you can bask in the rare beauty.

Country River Stone

Imagine the wood-look tiles out in the patio! A wooden deck with no problems arising, no stains and no splinters getting in the way. Love the warm gray that look quite like old wooden planks.

Aspenwood Artic

Beige and cream come together for a delicious treat in this variety. It would look like natural wooden floors in a 33% offset pattern. Family rooms should have them with no possibility of damage arising from naughty kids and pets.

Vintage Leather

In every style, there exists a space for the vintage element. Go contemporary, cottage or chic, weathered and reclaimed barn wood would be a welcome sight. Family rooms or kitchens would love the antique charm of rustic airs. It won’t get damaged in a hurry in spite of every danger and damage, besides being easily cleaned.

Palmetto Fog

Hardwood at entrances means worries about mud and water. Get wood-look tiles and carpets are done away with. Go for this gentle gray color in glazed matte.

Helena Birch

No chance of wooden floors in the bathroom but porcelain wood tile makes it possible. With this tile, you get a spa look. Splashes and mildew present no problem.

Try out much more varieties with the floor visualizer along with preferred cabinets and other furnishings. Get hooked on woody design without hassles.