If you are no fan of devoting a whole day or your entire weekend to cleaning tasks, you are not to blame. You hardly live to clean your home every spare minute you get, and you are not supposed to. Home cleaning should be a task that you engage in with a clear mind of the benefits it brings. It should also be a task you are well prepared and ready to complete as quickly and with less effort possible.

Here are a few tips that will teach you to deal with chores in under an hour:

Spray down the shower – if scrubbing down the bathroom is your least favourite thing in the world, you should use the opportunity to spray your shower every time you use it. A simple mix of vinegar and water does the trick nicely and protects against soap scum and hard water deposits. Imagine how much effort this will save you in the long run.

Vacuum furniture – every time you vacuum the carpets, you can also address your furniture. You can do that with the aid of your upholstery cleaning attachment. Simply lift cushions and vacuum underneath. Do a quick run of the cleaner over other areas of the upholstery as well. It will hardly take you much time, but surely counts as an effective way of reducing dust in the room.

Remove grease from kitchen cabinets – if you cook regularly at home, it is likely that your kitchen cabinets will become sticky over time. In order to de-gunk them, you should use a specialised cream cleaning product. Do a quick wipe with a microfibre cloth and check out how effective such a solution is.

Clean the ceiling fan – one item in the room that is likely causing somewhat of a mess is the ceiling fan. If the blades and other items get too dusty, dust can spread all over the room. In order to prevent this, make sure you clean the fan on a regular basis. Use an old pillowcase to place over each of the blades so that the dust ends up inside.

Restore the shine to stainless steel – if you want to make a surface sparkle again, mix a teaspoon dish detergent with a quart of tap water. Grab a microfibre cloth and rub the solution on smudgy areas and areas with fingerprints. Rinse only with clean water and buff dry with a clean towel immediately after.

Clean the windows – use a microfibre cloth and a window cleaner to shine up windows. If the room has blinds, lower those and tackle them with an old sock. It easily gets the dust out of each particular piece. Lastly, you can vacuum fabric shades and drapes to prevent dust accumulation on them.

By following these tips, you can greatly improve your cleaning routine. It will not just be easier for you to tackle home cleaning chores, but the place will overall be cleaner.