Every household is unique in that it creates specific demands for cleaning that must be met. For example, if you are living alone, you can probably get away doing some chores less often than others. Be that as it may, you will find that some home cleaning tasks cannot do with the delay, or rather shouldn’t be ignored for more than a week.

It is entirely up to you to divide your time and address each of the following when it bests suits you. Professional cleaners agree that postponing them for more than a week will leave a massive mess on your hands. Implement a system and see to it that each of these is done for the week:

Vacuuming – if you don’t want dust to build upon the carpet, rugs and pretty much every. other area of your home, you will do well to vacuum on a weekly basis. This job is so important for several reasons, most notable of which is the healthy concern. Dust is made up of various allergens and contaminants, which can seriously affect your health. Not only can it trigger allergies, but also lead to respiratory issues. An added benefit to frequent vacuuming is that it adds years to the life of any carpet and flooring. Here are a few clever vacuuming tips for you to consider:

a) Make a few passes over every section of the rug. That is the only way to ensure you are removing the dirt and dust and not just leaving it within the fibres.

b) Don’t forget to vacuum under furniture from time to time. Dust accumulates there as well.

c) Don’t vacuum with a full bag/canister. Vacuum cleaners with bags should be emptied two-thirds of the way, while container vacuum should be emptied after every clean.

Dusting – the floor isn’t the only area of your home that accumulates a lot of dust. Pretty much every other surface will get dusty over time. To prevent this, you should invest some weekly effort. Of course, it is impossible to do a full dusting of the place every single week, but you can at least tackle the most frequented areas. Make sure you are methodical in your approach so as not to forget an area. Here is how you can address this job easier:

Always start from top to bottom. That way you will prevent dust settling on already cleaned areas.

You can use a vacuum cleaner attachment. There is no need to deal with dust manually when you have a vacuum cleaner around.

Don’t use feather dusters. These are not very effective anyway.

Spot cleaning – for all those areas that see much frequent use, they require weekly attention. Being a little preventive keeps the places in decent shape. Some items that require weekly tending are:

Entry/patio doors

Outdoor mats

Kitchen appliances

Trash bin

Kitchen and bathroom sinks

Linens in all rooms

These are the three home cleaning tasks you must address on a weekly basis. Doing so will ensure that your home is well-maintained and that there is no risk for your health.