Combinations of green tones in custom rugs

There are certain rooms in your home that are narrow, but with the correct colour and size carpeting, you can change it into a bright and luxurious chamber that everyone will envy. If you have narrow spaces, add colour and space by placing a custom rugs with logo with thematic […]

Why Choose Local Movers Over Brokers

When you are out to choose a mover, make sure that the company you approach is not a broker. This is because you might regret the experience you have with them. Here is a list of reasons why you would not want to hire a broker. Brokers lack all sorts […]

Space Savers for Kitchens and Bathrooms

It seems like there is never enough space. The hardest working rooms in the house are the kitchens or the bathrooms. These rooms need to perform plenty of function per square centimeter of floor space. You want to use every bit of space that you can find to the fullest […]

Going Green With Granite

What happens to an old granite countertop once it is replaced with a new one? What about the stone left over after a fabricator finishes a countertop? It is possible that a stone as beautiful as granite could end up in a landfill, but it is actually finding new life […]

Ecobee3 Review

There are a variety of tools and implements that revolve around the idea of home improvement schemes. The options that are immediately available for consumption are vast and multifaceted. Some of the items that you may encounter over the course of your explorations may seem simple and commonsense while the […]

How To Select The Best Architect For Your House Project

An architect is a professional who is of great importance when you are constructing a house. Due to the importance of the professional, you should be very careful when hiring one. There are many ways in which you can select the right professional. Some of the best ways of doing […]

10 Classic Flaws in House Plans and What to Do About Them

Many of us will tend to tour different homes and browse through the various room layouts while dreaming about the day when we can build our own home. In can be beneficial to know what some of the most common flaws in house plans are that can be detrimental to […]

Guide On How To Choose A House Plan

The way your house looks is greatly determined by your initial house plan. To choose the right plan you need to consider these factors: Children Are there children in your home? When designing the layout of the rooms you should put a lot of emphasis on the size and age […]

Tips for Drawing Up Home Floor Plans

A home is the result of the homeowner’s strenuous efforts in finding the right balance between costs, designs and spaces. Designing a home that is customized to suit a family’s needs calls for a lot of careful forethought to include all the elements that are required without tilting the balance […]