Tips to maintain the concrete floors

There are a lot of things that we like about concrete and the floors made in concrete and the little maintenance they require is the most favorite benefit of all. This is because of the fact that the concrete floors are made up of finest of the concrete that you […]

Upgrade Your Floors for a Delightful Atmosphere

Carpet and flooring are often overlooked when it comes to simple and effective ways to transform the look of a home or a business. How long has the current option been in place for you? In many homes or businesses it has been a decade or longer since they have […]

Reasons to Consider Wool Carpet for Your Home or Business

With so many colors, textures and materials to choose from in carpeting, where do you start? The answer will vary depending on where the carpet will be used, but for most family home carpet installations and for some businesses, the answer is easy. When looking for carpeting that will bring […]

An Immense Variety of Affordable, Durable Floor Tiles to Uplift the Spirits

Whether it is the majestic marble tiles or the many-colored granite tiles, interior designers have not stopped wondering. Ceramic and porcelain tiles too, that are far more affordable, come with clever imitations of wood, cloth, and cement textures. Consider the mesmerizing blends of stone, glass, and metal with their intricate […]

Absolutely Stunning Lifelike Imitations in These Six Wood-Look Tiles

Traditions run eternally and hardwood floors create a stunning home scenario. Real estate agents confirm that homes with such floors fetch higher prices. If the realities are considered, hardwood floors suffer drawbacks, fragile and susceptible to damage. Simply install wood-look tiles hassle free, thanks to printing technology! Those sustaining porcelain […]

What You Need to Know About Kahrs Wood Flooring

Kahrs wood flooring is one of the best known flooring manufacturers in Europe. This Swedish based company has been operating since 1857 providing their clients with more than one hundred and fifty years of industry knowledge and experience, providing the finest quality engineered flooring that clients can enjoy for years […]

What Is SmartStrand Carpet?

SmartStrand is the brand name of a revolutionary carpet yarn developed by Du Pont, the company who researched and created Nylon back in 1935. Manufactured by Mohawk in the USA and distributed in Europe by Lano Carpets there is unnecessary mystery and confusion around the fabric. The actual yarn itself […]

Is Carpet Off-Gassing Just a Bunch of Fake News? A Common Carpet Myth Debunked

Off-gassing has been floating around online as something we should fear from our carpeting. But first, what is off-gassing anyway? Off-gassing refers to possible volatile organic compounds or VOCs and chemicals being emitted from new furniture or similar household materials. Some people confuse that new carpet smell with the off-gassing […]

9 Approaches to Put Wood Look Porcelain Tiles to Fabulous Uses

Inkjet printing technology creates realistic wood impressions on porcelain tile backgrounds, affordable, strong and attractive, water resistant too. Achieve the most striking effects of the wood ambiance where you would want it. 1. Arrange the tiles in a colorful pattern around the dining space Consider the advantages over real old […]