The vacuum cleaner is a household item that has revolutionized our lives. Thanks to him, we can dust off our land but also our sofas, our stairs, and even our car. The small vacuum or industrial vacuum cleaner, models will follow but not alike. Their common point is that to maximize their lifespan, we must maintain. How? Here are our tips!

Tip # 1: Use your vacuum properly

The vacuum cleaner is your ally for cleaning, but do not ask him too much either… If you spill something, a packet of cereal or pasta, remove the maximum elements before vacuuming. Do not vacuum water or other liquid, unless you have a device that has an adequate this function. Finally, if you broke a glass or object porcelain or earthenware, pick up larger pieces before vacuuming. You may damage your device or puncture the bag.

Tip No. 2: Empty the tank or change the bag regularly

There are two types of vacuum cleaners: with bag and bagless. If you have the type with bag, always choose bags suitable for your appliance. In general, we avoid the universal bags which can reduce the capacity of a vacuum. Change the bag when it is full, a LED will indicate the status of the bag. Do not wait! If you have a bagless vacuum, empty the tank after each use.

Tip # 3: Maintain filters

Filters are the lungs of a vacuum. Once a month, you should check your filters. On most recent vacuum cleaner models, you simply pass the filter under the water for cleaning. Let it dry before putting it back in place. On some models, the filters should be brushed or changed. In the latter case, change the filter every 5 bags. The filter maintenance is essential because they allow the vacuum to reduce pollution inside your home.

Tip # 4: Clean the brush

Once you have a vacuum, you properly have to clean your brush. To do this, remove the largest hand then pull the handle of the vacuum cleaner. With the hose, finish cleaning the brush. Smaller dirt will go away. Make this move before and after aspiration of carpets and rugs. Make sure to check your brush every so often to see if it needs replacing, as it’s cheaper to replace a brush then a vacuum.

Tip No. 5: Check Vacuum hoses

For your vacuum works as well as the first day, you should check your pipes. If they are partially clogged, your vacuum cleaner will be less efficient. Knowing that the pipes are dismantled and very easy to clean.

Tip 6: Cleaning

And yes! Even if your vacuum is stored in the depths of a closet, it’s always nice to have a clean machine. Dust it, pass a cloth shot to make it shine, shortly pamper it!